I am Adam Again…

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Back at the burning darkness, Adam had just left behind, the discussion was still on between those two voices.
“What made you pick him up so early? He is yet to be decided.”
The culprit stood there with his head down…he knew what he did was a crime that could cost him his job.
“His detail was mention in the list, I swear… I had checked before leaving. But when I came back it wasn’t there. I had no idea what to do with him so I just threw him here.” He explained shrugging his shoulders.
The first voice spoke again.
“Good that I have sent him above. Let them deal with this.” and chuckled.
“You know what? He has been sent back to the same place where he had come from.” This time the second voice sounded more confident blended with a pang of relief, as he was left unpunished.
“Poor thing!” Smirked the first red horned devil swirling his tail…..

This time the place I was shifted to was a small and to fit in there I was reduced to the size of a pea or maybe smaller than that. Again I was left with no clue where I was put into.
Well, it seemed that the darkness was not willing to leave me anywhere. This place was very limited, wetly and dark. Believe me, this place was the weirdest of all, but surprisingly this was the only place that seemed quite familiar to me.
I had been there; I had been there for sure.
And there was this silvery voice who never failed to talk to me throughout my stay. Though I loved listening to it, sometimes it was a kind of tiring with its never-ending rants. And sometimes the way it sounded made it difficult for me to wait any longer to get out of here and see what it feels like to be there and see the face of the voice.
I could feel that I was now was gradually growing into something; well with time, I was getting a proper shape. As time went I could feel my tiny heart pump, my hands, my fingers, and my toes form….I was turning into a Human baby again. And that tiny little thing between my legs made it clear that I was Adam again.
And finally that fine day I got the urge to push myself out of here; this was something I was dying for. I began pushing my way out, through the tiny outlet, and I soon realized that I was not the only one doing the pushing job. I could hear the angelic voice cry in pain. The bone-shattering pain combined with the earth-shattering cry made it almost impossible for me to stay in there any longer. And then after what seemed liked eternity finally came to an end. One final push and I was out of that pool of fluid.
Put the freaking light out!! I was yelling in my head as I was brought into the bright light, it was hurting. But I was exhausted to move a muscle. All I needed was some good sleep, after so much of hard work I deserved it. But that masked gentleman holding me had some other plans; it seemed my silence was pinching their ears. I was turned upside down and got whacked up on my butt.
Why this? I cried when the shock waves hit my brain. But my shrilling cry brought relief to everyone in the room.
“My baby is going home today,” taking me in her arms that angelic voice spoke.
Now my eyes were adapting with the brightness there. I saw the face of that voice…
Wait! I know her!!! This face is not at all new to me.
And I was finally at my house….

My!! My!! What a way to welcome. The entire house was covered with balloons…bright and colorful. “Hey, sweety! Welcome home.” An elderly lady spoke to me stroking my cheeks with her thumb.

“Amanda? What is she doing here?” I was shocked to see that face there.

Taking me in her arms she continued “Daddy will be here at any moment. Do you know what your daddy is? He is a military man, and he has already landed…he is coming to see you.”
While I was struggling get off my wife’s lap The word“…….M..I..L..I..T..A..R..Y..M..A..N” rang a bell to my memory…
“Hey, honey.” called a voice from behind…
His eyes glittered with pride and happiness when he held me in his arms.
“Welcome Home Baby…Come let me introduce to the most important member of the family.” he walked to a large frame that hung on the wall right in the middle of the room. “He would be dancing around if he was here…he would be the happiest person to see you here. Well, my boy, this is ADAM FIDLER…My father…which makes him your Grandfather…” he looked at me with a smile…and turning his gaze back he declared “ And now you are our Adam Jr.”
All I could do was staring at my picture hung there….
Bloody hell!! I am ADAM Again!!!

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