A silent Plea.

I have cried for years,

I have prayed enough,

It isn’t something anomalous I ask for.

I want what is mine.

It isn’t easy to sit here and listen to them,

speak of what I have been deprived,

Of what I have been denied.

I too want my share of bliss,

of what every woman is showered with.

I too want those sleepless nights,

 to feel it grow and move within me.

 I too can go through any level of pain,

 Just to hold my born in my arms.

 I too want those little feet to run around,

That innocent laughter and those cry,

Waking me in the middle of the nights.

I too need a reason to live for.

I too want to feel those tiny hands holding my finger,

Listen to the gibberish talk

 Only I could understand.

I too wish to be called a MOTHER.

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