Lane of his dream.

Walking down the lane of his dreams was not easy. His mind often tricked him with nightmarish illusion while treading on them, putting him in a dilemma where he could not decide whether his brain was betraying him or what he was going through was for real.

All he asked for was to let him keep chasing his dream. The dream that he had dreamed, but never quite lived it.

Tired of failed attempt to fit in the frame mended by the society, he finally gathered the guts to break his way out of it. And that was never easy.

“I promise I will give you the best of everything, I promise that you will get the support in every choice of your life. Nor I nor society will ever be able to question your choice.” This was what he had promised to his newborn. For it was her who had given him the courage to fight the odds and go for what he had always dreamt of.

He quit his nine to five jobs, the only source giving his family three meals per day and a roof over them. But for him what he made was never enough to give his daughter the life he had promised her, on the very day her existence was confirmed.

He dared to relinquish his job and take the first step to his dream, with the hope that they might be able to give him happiness and peace. Accepting the half of what he had been paid by his former office. But he knew that with time he would make a great fortune.

This decision of his was questioned and often considered as his dumbest moves.

Belonging to the place with engineers and doctors coming from every house, his career too was decided the moment he took his first breath out of the womb. His Father declared “The engineer of the house is born.” Thus he was named Mahat (big)…expecting him to fulfill someone else’s dreams. The doctor of the house was already born three years ago and she too was handed the unsuccessful dream of either of her creator. 

His dreams took him back to his home town, the place he belonged. Every known pair of eyes seemed to be mocking him for his decision and few sarcastic tones game him the hint what they implied behind those fake smiles. But he dared to go back and start from nothing. 

His Faith in himself and his hard work was all he had and this was all he needed to prove that his decision was not wrong. 

He is still seen hitting the keyboard on odd hours, holding his back with a posture corrector band. He has five more employees working under him, He might not have achieved big as per the society rule book but what he has achieved are Happiness and contentment.

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