They said…

“She will adjust…”

“She will have to learn to adjust…”

“Time will teach her everything…”

But no one knew what time had done to her

No one knew how many times she had to die,

Trying to “ADJUST”.

No one knew it was the only hope of being accepted one day, held her back.

Every day she wore the cloak of their choice

Every day she tried being someone else

Every day she compromised,

But every day their expectation raised.

With time her dreams drifted away

With time her confidence went low

With time her smile faded,

With time she forgot to live.

For the sake of love, she left behind her loved ones.

For the sake of love, she willingly pushed her dreams away

For love, she was willing to change

Yet, it was the love she yearned for all her life.

Now with time, she learned to STOP.

STOP adjusting, STOP bending, STOP bleeding.

And STOP Compromising!

Time has turned her tough.

Time has taught her to REBEL not to adjust,

To FIGHT not to surrender, to EXPRESS not to suppress.

And STOP living by the will of someone else.

Now she has learned to live for herself again…

Now her shattered dreams are finding their way back to her…

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