Do you know how it feels not to feel anything at all?
You know you are there
Because you are bound to,
Because you are obliged to.
Your heart yearns to move away
but your brain reminds you of accountabilities you owe to.
They, who are attached to your soul
and are a part of you now,
No pain, no amount of humiliation
Nothing at all can let you let them go.

Have you questioned yourself?
Why am I here?
And often heard your brain do the answering
‘Because it was you who chose it to be this way, you fool!’
Once upon a time, a decision was made
hoping to live happily ever after.
But all we end up is living ever after,
with that happiness part gone missing.

Have you been haunted by that empty hollowness,
tired of those fake concerns
those care with a motif of their own?
Knowing all these you still managed to live this far.
With those feeling of not being able to feel anything at all,
still growing deeper and stronger within you!!

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