Let’s Show them how “WE CARE”

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Part III

She was happy with her mission’s first step leap, “two determined mind is way better than just one.”

They knew that verbal planning would never be a good way to proceed. So with a pen and paper, they were set to scribble the layout for their mission. Half on an hour was gone the paper was blankly staring back at them.

“Richa!! Why didn’t you come to the lecture today?  Do you have any idea what you have missed?” Her friend Venya entered yelling from behind. But Richa sat there looking grimly engrossed on working out with the chaotic plans in her mind.

“What’s happening here?” sensing the intensity on the table, she inquired. Richa lifted her eyes to look at her and without a word went back to her work again. At least, her mission partner Dorji greeted Venya with a vague smile. “All good?” Venya asked again. After heavy heave, With a heavy sigh and a tired look Richa,

“Nothing seems good here!”

“what do you mean?” Venya asked with a concerned voice.

No reply from either of the people seated before her made her lose her cool, frustrated she asked again.

“Yes, I am listening.” With all the eagerness in her eyes and voice Venya leaned a little forward.

The Narration was done by Richa with some prompting from Dorji and being a woman Venya did feel the pain of the lady’s loss. “Oh God! How could one be so savage?” arching her brows she said with exhaling the heavy breath through her clenched teeth, shaking her head.

The group got one more head to contribute and this one was filled with ideas. “To begin we don’t have the basic and the most important thing with us.” She began gravely staring at the blank paper and tapping it with her index. Before Richa posed her question, Venya taking the pen from Dorji scribbled “CASH” on the top left-hand side of the paper, numbering it as 1.

Doji, giving an obvious stare at her said “we know that, give us the solution to it!”

Without lifting her eyes she answered, “the solution to it is let’s not prioritize it.”  She did puzzle them and both gave her a confused stare. “Yes, we can do a lot without it.” She put the first scribbled word into a bracket. “let’s now list what is the most basic thing they lack.” She asked raising her brows.

Richa promptly replied “Hygiene!”

“I guess it won’t cost us much? We could contribute it from our pockets.”  Both nodded.

And few more were added to it.

  1. Hygiene
  2. Warm clothes
  3. Food
  4. Clean water
  5. A shelter…(which comes later, that is if and when we manage to collect enough funds)

The trio raised their thumps.

First, Self Hygiene was something that no one should be denied of; with that thought, the trio went as per their layout. The overwhelming response coming from the locals had redoubled their zeal to the apical height. Sunday was the decision, to begin with, and the three tenacious youths showed up on time, with what every little thing they were supposed to get along.

Their Journey till now was no child’s play. They knew, with no money they had to look for an alternative to move ahead. And with just three of them, it was not possible to reach every needy in the town. Asking people to help was the only way out. And with their plan they approached every door, they met on their way back home. Doors opened for them, but not everyone was willing to help. Some watched them with dubious eyes; “these frauds are here to loot” some had simple “NO” for an answer. But there were many who were willing to help with whatever they could. Most of them gave away their old clothes, many helped with cash. They managed to get as many as ten hands to help them on the first day itself. And everyone who promised to be there was on time. Few were there with the Old and homeless people from their localities. The house where they were supposed to meet had given them their courtyard and warm water for bathing.  They began with clipping their nails, making them brush their teeth, shaving their head and finally a warm shower. They dressed them up in, though a little misfit but at least clean and warm clothes. Going back to the place they lived they cleaned their dwelling areas too.

There was no stopping for them……..

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