A Smart way to get a silky soft skin.

Removal of unwanted hair has always been a biggest challenge for every woman. Everyone wants silky smooth skin, few lucky ones have been blessed with it naturally, but those who are not have always been struggling to have one.

What we have been doing for unwanted hair removal has not given us satisfying results. Waxing is the most preferred way of getting rid of unwanted hair, but is it worth the pain and money spent on? I mean it does give good result, but what about the good amount of money we have to pay once every month to the salon? And not to forget the pain we have to go through every month. Moreover it makes us wait for the proper growth of the hair before we t it pulled out.  Which means we better be ready with alternatives if any last minute party comes up.

Either cover yourself from head to toes or we end up shaving it off.  Using a razor makes the re-growth dense and harder, leaving your skin poky and rough from the very next day. The hair removing cream is an easy and painless method but its chemical contain might cause allergies and its frequent might turn your skin dark.

The smart alternative suggested to all the women who want silky skin everyday is Braun-Silk-Epil-1170 epilator, an easy and convenient way out of this problem. It is a handy machine with multiple tweezers attached to it plucks out the hair from the root leaving the skin smooth and silky for many days. It’s push button start and a single speed setting makes it easy to use.

It is a corded epilator with 12 volt adapter and its unique close grip technology pulls out the shortest possible hair from its root which reduces the process of re-growth, leaving your skin smoother for  weeks. Multiple rotating tweezers plucks hair in bunch saving the time for you. You can get the skin you want any time, don’t have to wait for the proper growth to remove it.

Let’s have a look the pros and cons of Braun-Silk-Epil-1170.


  • Easy to handle and can be carried conveniently in your purse where ever you go.
  • It saves your time, its metallic multiple tweezers pulls out hair in bunch saving you time.
  • Causes less pain compared to waxing.
  • Unlike messy waxing process, all it asks for is socket to plug in and there you are ready to use.
  • You pay a decent amount once and you are done for couple of years or even more. Saves you a lot of money.


  • Since it comes with an adapter and not with a rechargeable battery we have to stay near the plug in points to use it.
  • It is a little painful process for the first timers, which will reduce from the second use. To have a smooth removals tighten the skin area while using it.

Braun-Silk-Epil-1170 is a must have product as a basic grooming gadget for every  women wanting a silky smooth skin every day.

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