The Forsaken Villa: The Warning.

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You won’t believe what happened today,” Every time Sheena came to her saying this, Prerna knew there was definitely something to be excited about.  With all ears she sat dump stricken as Sheena narrated that morning’s weird encounter with the vanishing Shadow in that spooky building. It was their curiosity to get to the core of any suspicious happenings, one of the reasons for their strong bonding. “This calls for a visit there, what say?” Prerna suggested. Her green eyes twinkled behind those cat-eyed frame eager to get into the action. “Promise me you will not visit there before I am back.” Prerna’s plan with the family had to take a leave from school early that day. “Will be back Saturday morning, until then don’t you dare go to that house without me.”

But it was Sheena’s curiosity that took her to that place again.

“I had promised Prerna not to enter the building, not the premises.” Convinced with this idea Sheena gave up her long walk home, the usual route with her friends, and took that short way over the fence.

The building stood quiet and undisturbed the way it had been all the time. She hovered around anxiously trying to get a peek into it. But everything in there seemed untouched and lifeless. The way into the house was barred by a huge lock, leaving a very dim chance of any human hideout there. She looked hard for any other way into it but didn’t find any.

‘How is this possible’ her mind trying to figure out what could that shadow be?

‘Could it be a trick of the morning light?’

‘I doubt it is worth exploring this Saturday’ such thoughts gave her a pang of disappointment, as she ambled away.  

‘what if this house is haunted??’ she stopped abruptly.

‘what if all those stories are true…?’

Her heart started racing with excitement. As she flung her bag over the fence and hunched to get through between the wires, some shattering noise from the building startled her. The barbed wire caught her shirt from the back. Struggling to release from it, got scratched on the back, she winced in pain.

“Let me help you,” a helping hand from behind lifted the barb freeing her finally. She turned around with her hand on her back, still trying to figure out the damage on her shirt. As she saw the man standing before her, a chill ran down the spine. His cheeks all sucked in, chapped lips were dry and cracked almost to bleed and those eyes almost sinking into the socket gave her an uneasy stare.

‘Is he even living, he looks more like a zombie?’ she stared back, not sure of what he was.

“What are you doing here young lady?” he asked still giving that uneasy gaze.

“No.nothing.” She stammered back.

“Haven’t you heard about this building? You should not be playing around here, not safe for young girls.” He suggested.

 “Did you hear that sound a while ago? As if something crashed and shattered into pieces. Like some glass?” she asked back thinking he might be knowing about the sound.

“What sound?” he shot an alerting glance towards the building.

“I don’t know, it was like someone dropped a bottle or something.” She replied cautiously as she sensed a sudden chary look in his eyes.

 “You hear all sorts of noises coming from there. That’s why people don’t mess around nearby.” He warned her again.

“Where do you live? I have never seen you around.” As the suspicion rose her curious eyes scanned him thoroughly. As this was not a familiar face.

Incensed over her scrutinizing stare and interrogation he glared at her and moved a step forward towards Sheena, but before she could find out his next move few pedestrians walking on the road caught his attention.  

“You shouldn’t be around here, not good for you. I am warning you again to stay away from this place.” He walked away with the precautionary words.

“Now I am sure there is something in there and we will find out what it is.” The vanishing silhouette this morning, the unidentified shattering sound a while ago gave, and this weird looking, zombie-like man’s warning gave her enough reason to carry on with Saturday’s survey. She gave a quick glance at the watch, made her cry ‘mom is going to kill me today’ as it was quarter to five, she was running late she hurried back home.

Meanwhile, the back yard door to the building opened enough for one man to sneak in. The first thing visible to him as his eyes settled to the darkness in there was the girl, with both hands and legs bound and gagged lay naked in the corner of the room.

“Is she breathing?” He asked the person sitting on the other corner of the room  

“She is very much alive don’t worry,” who replied back.

“What shall we do to her now?” inquired the first man.

“What we have done to the rest. I have found a new prey this morning.” The second one gave an evil grin.

“Me too.” Grinned back the first man….

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