The Forsaken Villa: The silhouette.

‘Thud’ dropped her backpack on the unmowed lawn of an old and dreary building. Trespassing through the wired fence from its backyard and sneak out of the rusty main gate, would transport her to the road that ended to her school gate. Her accidental discovery of this route a couple of years ago had saved Sheen from standing on the lobby before the Principal’s office the entire first period.

It was that morning, two years back, like any other morning “Sheena, you are getting late for school…why do you lock the door when you know you cannot get up on your own…wake up” the third cry of her mother forced her eyes open. The clock showed 8: am, she hurried and ran around getting her bag pack ready, a quick shower and she was ready in half an hour. She grabbed one slice of bread one fold and gulped down with a glass of milk. Breakfast was done. She stuffed her lunch box in the backpack and darted out of the house.  

The family was just a few months old to this place, her dad’s new job had brought them here. So the roads and the gullies were new to her. In a hurry, she took the wrong lane that leads her to this abandoned building. The view of the hoarding right across its premises helped her get the direction to her school. Since then this route became saved her from the punishment every day.

Today, she was left with just ten minutes to 9:00 and that was not enough to get her to school on time. She raced through the overgrown yard. In this rush, she failed to notice those hungry-looking eyes staring at her from the window facing the backyard of that abandoned building. Those eyes followed her from the back yard to the front gate, silently. 

“Sheena…” a cry from behind startled her. “Hop in,” it was her friend Prerna, as her father pulled off the car on the side of the road.

“Ahhh Saved!!” she sighed and hurled her bag on the empty back seat and pulling herself in she greeted her father with a smile.

“How do you girls manage to do this?” Mr. Prasad’s sneering comment was responded with a grin from both the girls.

 “Hey match sticks…you were close today” the school captain gave those girls a wink pulling the gate shut after them. All thanks to their lean figure which had helped them earn many names; skeletons, matchstick, skin, and bone. With her flawlessly perfect complexion, and high cheekbones and that figure Sheena could think of taking up modeling as her career. But her curious, inquisitive and questioning mind had the traits of a detective. Sherlock Holmes and his spy stories were to be blamed here. 

It was Thursday Morning and unexpectedly Sheena woke up at the very first alarm buzzed and by the time her mom came to give the first warning call she was ready with her bag pack. Late or not she loved walking the same route with ample of time in hands she thought of taking a look around the premises of the much-talked building of the town. Everyone had their story behind that forsaken place. Stretched on her toes she tried to get a peek through the first window. On failing to get proper view she moved to the other window of the next room to it. Some moments in that lifeless building made her squint. A dark silhouette of a man appeared on the doorway.  And within seconds it vanished into the thin air, for a moment what she just saw left her thinking “There was somebody in there? I saw it. it was right there, But where did it go? It just vanished.” She looked hard but nothing was visible. She wanted to go in there and find out about that mystery shadow. But the time didn’t permit her to. Skeptical Sheena was dubious about the vision she just had, gave final look at the building from the gate before taking that final turn to the school road.

The shadow peaking from behind the dark shaded window made sure not to move a muscle to alert the intruder again. “I am going to have this girl soon.” A ravenous smile crossed over that distorted face…..

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